The Cyrus Nazari collection was created to match the bold, stylish, and active lifestyle of the quintessential LA woman. We offer versatile basics that comfortably take her from day to night, with an emphasis on custom designed prints, sexy, upscale dresses and tailored pieces. Our garments maintain the same exceptional fit and construction that established the brand’s creator as a leader in the U.S. apparel industry.

Over the last 30 years, Cyrus Nazari has developed and produced highly technical, cut and sew garments for some of the most noted brands made in Los Angeles. Cyrus studied design and graduated from the esteemed Esmod Fashion school in Paris. He then went on to develop his craft through working in several notable Ateliers in Europe. His experience in these specialized, couture design houses laid the foundation for his inspiration to offer this same level of atelier experience to his own clients, as he later opened his development and production business in Los Angeles called Fil and Needle. The company produces everything from private label, to commercial department store collections, to high-end leisure and active wear. It continues to pride itself on minimizing the carbon footprint by manufacturing 100% of its garments within the borders of the USA.

Nazari’s latest offering with Cyrus Nazari continues to make no compromises with comfort and superior fabrication. This high-end collection’s versatility stretches across active, street, and leisure wear, with contemporary design elements for an equally fashionable edge. Women are complex, multifaceted, and fierce as they pursue their endeavors, we believe their wardrobe should keep up.


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