Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Here at Cyrus Nazari we are fully aware of our responsibility to keeping our operations environmentally sound and sustainable. It is our belief that we have a corporate responsibility to be environmentally conscious and practice sound environmental management. It is our goal to be a leader in responsible environmental practices. It is with this in mind that we adhere to the following environmental principals:

  • All of our facilities and equipment operate in an environmentally safe manner following OSHA regulations and standards
  • Our production materials are governed by environmental standards
  • We make sure our employees practice environmental form
  • We make efforts to cut down on waste produced and attempt to recycle as much as we possibly can
  • Educating our employees about their employee responsibilities and providing them with opportunities to give back to the community

Sustainability is important to us here at Cyrus Nazari. We’re getting greener every step of the way, while still providing you the quality products you deserve.
Around 85% of all textiles produced by the fashion industry end up in landfills, making it a major contributor to environmental damage. What’s more, one in every five items produced by the fashion industry reach landfills without being worn even once.

We consciously work to reduce textile waste from overproduction and our printing partner's high-quality printing tech is made with sustainability in mind. Their Kornit printers use almost zero wastewater and less energy than standard industry printers, lowering our overall carbon footprint.
Additionally the inks we use for printing are vegan, water-based, and free of harmful chemicals. Cyrus Nazari takes sustainability seriously, that’s why we take care to dispose of any left-over ink according to the ink supplier guidelines.

It is our belief that an environmentally conscious company equals a good company. Our first goal is to service our customers, but we make every effort to service our customers while being environmentally conscious. We want to do our part to help make Earth a better place to live and we will always work with that goal in mind. Cheers to a Greener Earth!